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Recognize Various Symptoms of Kidney Stones in Women

Kidney stones can occur to everyone, including women. One symptom of kidney stones in women is pain during urination. In addition, there are a variety of symptoms that you can recognize so that this condition can be treated early. The size of kidney stones can vary. Symptoms can vary, ranging from mild to severe pain. Kidney stones also sometimes go undetected until they come out through the urine and cause a blockage in the urinary tract. Recognizing the Symptoms of Kidney Stones in Women Kidney stones are formed from the results of filtering of crystallized blood and eventually clumping like hard stones. Not all kidney stones have the same content. There are four types of kidney stones based on their constituent ingredients, namely calcium, uric acid, struvit, and cystine. Early symptoms of kidney stones in women will usually appear when kidney stones are trapped in a narrow ureteral channel, causing severe pain suddenly. In medical terms, this condition is called kidney colic
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Be aware of penile deformities and their treatment

Every man has a different penis shape. At the time of erection, the normal shape of the normal penis looks upright, but sometimes there are also bent. So, is this included penile deformity? Know the types of penile deformities and their treatment through the following review. For those of you who have a slightly bent penis shape right or left, or up or down when experiencing an erection, this could be a normal variation. However, if it is too bent or too small and has disrupted its function. Maybe you are experiencing penis deformity. Penile Disorders You Need to Know There are two penile deformities that you need to know about, namely: Peyronie's disease Peyronie's disease is a condition that forms a curved penis when erect. This condition can be accompanied by other symptoms, such as discomfort, pain, and swelling. In more severe cases, the shape of the penis can be curved sharply and cause sexual intercourse to erectile dysfunction. Although the cause is not known w

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To avoid various diseases, there are many ways to maintain a healthy body that can be done. By implementing these methods, a healthy quality of life can be maintained. Actually applying various ways to maintain a healthy body is not difficult. It's just that you have to be consistent in doing it. This needs to be familiarized with, starting from small things like getting enough rest and regular exercise. How to Maintain a Healthy Body Changing your lifestyle to be healthier is a recommended way to maintain a healthy body. Some healthy lifestyle that you can live are: Eat healthy foods You are advised to eat healthy foods every day, including foods that contain protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. As a source of protein, you can consume lean meat, milk, dairy products, eggs, various types of sea fish, and freshwater fish. Meanwhile, to meet the needs of carbohydrates, you can get it from brown rice, oats, quinoa, and whole wheat bread. Eat a variety of vege